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An Eco-friendly Bottle

Ecowaa is fashionable, double vacuum walls, thermal insulated, and BPA & toxin-free stainless-steel water bottle that can be taken anywhere you go. It’s very lightweight and very delightful to drink from; no plastic aftertaste.

Our Mission

We began Ecowaa to change the way we drink water every day. To encourage everybody to stop buying plastic water bottles and stop throwing them away. To use one bottle, we love. To change our obsession with plastics and start giving back to charities that make difference for our planet.


A bottle that saves millions

Difference Between Ecowaa Water Bottle and the Plastic Water Bottle.

  • One-time Investment
  • More Durable Than Plastic
  • Durable Than Plastic
  • Safe to Drink from
  • Eco-friendly/ Saves the environment
  • No plastic aftertaste
  • Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold
  • More expensive to buy
  • Promotes Fossil Fuels
  • Health risks due to chemicals found in plastic
  • Has plastic aftertaste
  • Impacting Our Environment

A bottle can make a change

By choosing Ecowaa, you are helping to get rid of billions of plastic water bottles produced every year; and more than 8 million tons of plastics end up in the ocean.

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