New Zealand

North Island

  • Standard Delivery 1-2 working from despatch confirmation.
  • Free Shipping for orders over $40.
  • $4.88 for orders under $40.

South Island

  • Standard Delivery 2 working days from despatch confirmation.
  • $11.39 for orders under $40.
  • Free Shipping for orders over $40.





What happens after you have purchased from Ecowaa?


Ecowaa is extremely dedicated to providing you with products as soon as possible. When you are ordering your products on our website, please double-check that you have selected the exact product version ad the exact colour you want; this is because we are unallowed to correct your orders. Once your order is in the process, corrections or cancellations cannot be operated.

Orders are usually processed within 1-2 days business days by Ecowaa. Your order will be immediately shipped the day after it has undergone the processing phase.

Every order is managed and shipped through our warehouse in New Zealand. During specific holidays and sale seasons, it would be very appreciated if you can allow extra time for your order to be processed; as many customers order products from our website during these times.

Shipping Confirmation

After you have purchased a product from our Ecowaa store, a shipping verification email has been sent to you stating your product has been shipped. This shipping verification email also allows you to track the operations of your shipment. The shipping costs are calculated depending on the weight of the package and the delivery location.

For every international order, the customer is responsible for customs duties (e.g. taxes).


The customers are responsible for tracking their own order and must acknowledge any specific necessity to either the courier providers or your country’s customs services.

Carefully tracking your order is important because if the order gets sent back to the sender, for not meeting with specific requirements for country’s policy or unsuccessful delivery due to the customer not able to follow up; Ecowaa will be unable to provide any refunds or replacements for free; therefore, the customer may have to place the order again.


Your local customs officer may inspect your order by reviewing the extra documents. This could also interrupt your expected delivery time.

Your order is typically delivered to you through a local post office or a local courier service. Depending on your region, most orders are delivered through your local post service; so, the package can be delivered straight at your home door or straight into your mailbox. If you are not at home when the delivery is made, an information card will be left in your mailbox or at the door. The information card will inform the customer on how they can retrieve their package.

Please contact us immediately if you require your order to be either cancelled or changed. Our orders are processed and shipped very fast. We cannot make any changes after our warehouse has processed your order.

Please be advised: any orders that have been packaged or shipped cannot be cancelled.